Project Management

We strongly believe that a project well prepared and documented in advance is 50% done even before it starts.

Through our team of project managers we are proud to state that we can deliver world class project management services to the shipbuilding and shiprepair industry.


1. Establish precise specification for the project:

- review specification and identify the work scope (materials supply, equipments/tools, works completion inspection, tests, commissioning, etc.)
- state parameters (project timescale, scope, authority, responsibility)
- define project objectives, activities and tasks
-establish project team (workers number and qualifications - based on activities and tasks, project manager, certification, etc.)

2. Project planning:

- nominate project manager/supervisor/foreman, define their responsibilities and authority;
- draw out project master schedule where to be included activities and tasks, manpower required for each activity/task, time frame, man-hours, critical path, links between activities and tasks,etc.
- establish resources (type/number of equipments/tools required, manpower allocation for each activity/task, work scope, materials and consumables supply);
- procurement plan (suppliers contact, materials delivery dates, terms and conditions);
- quality plan: define inspection items for each activity (class/client inspection) ;
- safety and environmental plan: PPE (based on each activity scope), waste/scrap disposal, work place cleaning (every day), final cleaning, hot work condition, confined space condition;
- define project budget: where to be included costs with manning, materials, consumables, tools, travel, accommodation, meals, insurance, etc.
- establish project reporting system: reporting form (on the master schedule, separate for each activity), reporting time (based on the total project timescale), persons involved in reporting;
- establish manpower work schedule: shifts, brakes, non working days (based on vessel/facility system running);
- establish type of documents/approvals/visas needed.

3. Project execution:

- follow up/update master schedule, work progress, critical path;
- manage additional/accessory work orders in order do not affect master schedule and final delivery time (redistribution of manpower / request time extension)
- check all activities/tasks to be according with quality plan
- check all items to be according with safety/environmental plan
- continuous communication with class/client

4. Project closure

- identify level of project achievement
- check, measure and review project performance
- reflect on any failure/mistakes, take measures for the future projects in order to avoid them
- evaluate team members productivity
- check if all the project objectives are delivered and that all objectives are delivered against planned budget.